Key – Components


(Dry cleaner) -
function for cleaning
film scraps, flakes and regrind
in the dry state-
without the addition of water

Washing systems -

for hot and cold washing
in continuous processes,
heated with electricity or steam

Brine washer -

for PET flakes, to remove
adhesives and

Intensive washer -

for friction cleaning with water

(float/sink) -

to separate synthetic materials
by density

(hydrocyclone) -

to separate synthetic materials
by density

drying -

for drying wet
film chips,
flakes, grinding stock, granulate etc.

Pre- or
(friction washer) -

for separating large volumes
of paper fibres and synthetic composites

Fibre frictioner -

for separating large volumes
paper fibres and synthetic composites

Granulate dryer -

for mechanical drying (separation of
large water volumes) after extrusion/granulation and after
washing of grinding stock and granulate

final dryer -

for final drying to residual moisture
< 1 % Electricity, gas or steam may be used as heating energy.

Air separator
station -

for separating fines from the
material stream

Silo systems -

for ensiling films, flakes and grinding stock

Big Bag station -

for filling (bagging) in Big Bags.
As rack with suspension attachment,
with vibration floor to increase density
of bulk material, with integrated scale
for controlled filling.